VIG INC. offers a wide range of top-quality, commercial grade computer equipment, laptops, desktops, monitors, servers and all their typical peripherals, from all the leading manufacturers. VIG INC. offers Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 11 and Microsoft Office productivity applications to power your home, organization, or business. Using a customer-oriented approach we focus on our customer’s needs and their choices. Our team of professionals are always up and ready to fulfill the requirements of our customers.
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VIG Background

In recognition of the rising problem of e-waste production globally, VIG was established in September 2000 as an I.T. startup. The business model was focused on filling the gap in the market for the sustainable refurbishing and retailing of I.T. assets. The company grew and expanded into the Corporate, Educational, and Government sectors as well as the wholesale and e-commerce markets. Twenty years later, we are proud to say that our efforts have made us one of the top seven largest Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers (MAR) in the world, delivering high-quality I.T. dispossession and refurbishing products and services.


To create and deliver leading I.T. asset refurbishing and dispositional services within the industry.


To delight and amaze our customers by exceeding their expectations through professional competent interactions, while continuously innovating and improving our environmentally responsible processes, capabilities, and related services.

Our achievements

FY21 Canada Top Sales Award

FY22 Millionaire Award

FY21 Millionaire Award

ITAD and Circular economy

In a green, circular economy, refurbishing I.T. assets [for reuse] is the ideal approach in achieving environmental sustainability and prolonged use of technology. For twenty years, our team of professionals has refurbished and delivered high-quality I.T. products to a global consumer base using a zero-landfill policy. As pioneers in the industry, we constantly look for innovative ways of improvement. The highest standard of products is provided to our customers by doing everything in-house with the best quality control methods. We feel that integrity, respect and complete operational transparency with our employees and our clients is a tenet of our operation and fundamental to our ongoing success.
Currently operating out of our renovated 40,000 square ft refurbishing and testing facility, VIG INC. employs a staff of 55 experienced computer technicians. In this facility, VIG INC. can refurbish over 12,000+ units, on a monthly basis. While promoting productivity, we provide an environment where all our employees are always welcome to explore different roles within the company, giving them avenues to grow that ensure their satisfaction.

MAR Program

As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), we meet the strict requirements set by Microsoft to refurbish and resell their software products. This means that when you purchase a refurbished device from us, you can be confident that it has been thoroughly inspected, tested, and certified by Microsoft to be in excellent working condition. We are also required to use stringent data wiping standards to effectively erase any personal data from the device, providing added security and peace of mind for our customers. By working with VIG Inc., our customers also benefit from the added value of purchasing genuine Microsoft software at a more affordable price. Additionally, as a MAR we have access to special offers and support from Microsoft, ensuring that our customers have access to the latest technology and software. Furthermore, as a MAR we are required to comply with Microsoft’s licensing and intellectual property regulations, providing added assurance to our customers that they are obtaining legally acquired products and services. In summary, choosing to work with a MAR like VIG Inc. ensures that our customers are obtaining high-quality, certified and secure refurbished devices at an affordable price, while also supporting the circular economy and sustainable practices.

Hardware Warranty & Support

VIG INC. offers a 1yr warranty service on our refurbished systems, additional warranty available; certain conditions apply, contact us for additional details.

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