VIG INC. is a global supplier of high quality sustainable IT products at lower costs to a diverse consumer base. We are committed to delivering services and products that exceed our customers’ expectations by constantly improving our processes. We pride ourselves on being committed to e-waste prevention by maintaining compliance with relevant environmental and data security legislations and regulations. The operational goal of VIG INC. is to have a positive impact on the environment through responsible refurbishing. We aim to accomplish our business objectives by meeting and exceeding environmental health and safety expectations of our managers, employees, customers, suppliers and regulators.


In recognition of the rising problem of e-waste production globally, VIG was established in September 2000 as a local computer store in the K-W Region in Ontario, Canada. The business model was focused on filling the gap in the market for the sustainable distribution of electronics. We focus on a large consumer base at a lower cost by delivering higher quality IT products. We realized that refurbished electronics didn’t just mean affordability for the consumer but it meant a sustainable future in the long run. Over the years VIG evolved from a retail business into a large refurbishing company at the wholesale level. Within 15 years of working in the off-lease/refurbished computer industry, we have transformed from wholesalers to one of the premier suppliers of off-lease/refurbished equipment to the North American education sector. The company grew and VIG incorporated a new division into the business known as VIG Solutions to cater to the Corporate, Educational, and Government sectors. Currently operating out of our owned and newly renovated 40,000 square foot refurbishing and testing facility, VIG employs a staff of 55 experienced computer technicians. In this facility, VIG can produce 12,000+ units on a monthly basis. Today we are proud to say that we are one of the largest Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers (MAR) in North America, ensuring high-quality refurbished computers that come with pre-installed genuine Microsoft Operating Systems. We are a team of professionals working within the tech industry with a core focus on reducing e-waste and improving sustainability in the distribution of high-quality, low-cost off-lease/refurbished equipment. We specialize in purchasing and distributing wholesale, retail, and e-commerce.