What is ITAD Services?

Disposition of used computer hardware and in an environmentally safe and effective way is what we call Information Technology Asset Disposition(ITAD).


In the growing global market of hardware expansion, ITAD services have the major role in the market. ITAD is the way to transform into the circular economy from information communication technology(ICT). The circular economy itself means the circularity of the devices or hardware by reusing and remaking them for further usage. Of the CO2 emissions associated with computers generated over its entire lifespan, 70% come from the resources, components and manufacturing of the device itself. By prolonging the use of computer equipment we can dramatically reduce CO2 emissions from the unnecessary early replacement and unnecessarily early recycling. Asset disposition of I.T hardware performs a very important role on environment. At VIG-ITAD, we follow steps for secure data destruction. Also, we provide services for responsible disposition/refurbishing for intended resale and reuse of used/off-lease IT equipment from hardware refresh projects. The key to handle the IT assets of our consumers is our priority.
  • Secure Logistics

  • Chain of custody

  • Asset management

  • NIST 800-88/Shred Data Sanitization

  • Value Recovery

  • Environmentally friendly refurbishing

  • Reporting and audit documentation

VIG-ITAD & Our Clients

We provide the fair market value for our customer’s used equipment with the help of our secure, environmentally friendly, simple, and easy processes. This provides our clients with an alternative disposition option that is typically more financially rewarding than the standard lease returns. Additionally, by selling used I.T. assets to VIG INC., our clients avoid possible penalties that they may have incurred due to missing boxes or honest use scratches and dents.